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The onset of politically funded outrage demonstrations throughout America is a product of both dirty handed politicians, your Federal Tax dollars, and the left-wing media working to twist actual fact for political favor to induce voters. Granted there have been atrocities throughout America including; the increase of African American homicides by other African Americans in cities with Democrat politicians, the number of police being killed in these cities and targeted nationwide, and of course the unconscionable ignorance by the media to accuse and point fingers to favor their corporate bosses political agenda. Media which is now under scrutiny and losing massive audiences due to their bias and sometimes outright criminal reporting. Even as the majority of the public do not agree with this continued victim society outrage and molly coddling, this administration continues to promote and endorse groups that destruct property, incite violence, promote racial division, and spread anti-America sentiment throughout the Nation..

This victim nation has spread to college campuses as well where it is now a National outrage to see a Confederate Flag from a war centuries past or a Redskins football uniform. Yet, according to this Administration, it is commendable and respected to march through the streets with hateful rhetoric against other people and police destroying hard working Americans property with Communist Flags and ISIS flags. It is acceptable by this Administration for groups to shut down Chicago business’ and provide “black only” safe zones with the only real objective being to further the Democrat agenda and promote racial class lines. Types of demonstrations that ruin the local economies for hard working Americans. Promoting political ideas for the benefit of a party that has nothing to do with protecting hardworking American business owners and what they struggled to build. Nothing to do with helping police officers get a handle on the ever increasing black on black murder in Chicago. But has everything to do with a very twisted media attention grab to try to capture votes for a Democrat re-election by promoting anti-American ideals. Sadly, many of these staged outrage events are funded by certain celebrities and billionaires and American tax payer dollars through programs like Organizing for Action registered as a nonprofit 501c4 eligible for unlimited contributions, Americorp and My Brothers Keeper. All are Federally Sponsored Obama and Clinton programs and rumored to soon to be audited amid scathing criticism to see where and how taxpayer and donation funds are being deployed.

Many of the grievances on college campuses is furthering segregation and division in our country which is cheered by the Socialist left. Evidently many college kids had to seek counseling when they saw a Confederate Flag from a century ago war on a computer screen, yet American taxpayers were offered no counseling when it comes to citizens screaming ” Death to Cops” or the promoting of lynching white people. The Black Lives Matter Protestors now joined with CAIR and armed with Federal Funding and donations is not only destroying property and inciting violence, they seem to be protected by an Administration determined to get the votes it needs to further its agenda through contrived racial antagonism. There are multiple incidents that of these National Terrorist Groups shouting “Death to Cops”, “fry em’ like bacon,” “fuck the police,” and numerous online threats and recordings that call for the lynching, hanging and killing of white people. Yet this Administration finds these demonstrations as positive which is something even people in his own party are now questioning. Questioning why the United States of America is sympathizing with terrorist groups such as ISIS and Black Lives Matter.

Not only does Administration seem to be condoning this type of behavior, he seems to count on it to further divide this Country for the purposes of a deeply rooted ideological agenda. An agenda that finds its roots in Saul Alinsky a longtime mentor to Obama and communist party leader and who know what else. Obama has also expanded AmeriCorps, the Clinton youth program, which uses similar disruptive and destructive tactics to try to “improve outcomes for boys and young men of color.” But what these Federally funded American tax dollar organizations have done is radically make things worse for the poor and marginalized black man in America and dramatically increase black on black homicide. The facts are that men and women of color are increasingly killing one another and this Administration does not say one word to stop it as it does not fit into their political position. Democrat cities like Baltimore, Chicago, Minneapolis, New York, and California should be ashamed that this is happening in their cities but it is almost as if they are using the homicides and violence in this country as a political tool. Men, women, and children of color in these area should really be petitioning against the unconscionable ignorance of this administration for letting their towns be destroyed and looted by vandals and thieves and question the real motive behind the Federal Funding that enables these movements to continue disrupting Americans lives. The Black Lives Matter Movement has a very confused agenda, purposefully, because the people funding the movement don’t care if someone else’s property gets destroyed because they don’t have to live there. The people promoting  and funding Black Lives Matter don’t seem to be interested in the fact that blacks are killing each other at an ever increasing rate. They don’t seem to be interested that the eventual outcome of these movements will not be the outcome that the people in the community want or produce positive change really sought. The outcome will be to further the Anti-American socialistic and communist policies being bandied around in this ridiculous disguise of the Progressive Democrat movement.

As compassionate as Progressive Liberal Socialist’s believe they are being, they are really fueling the fire of division in America, furthering disadvantages for the poor and marginalized, and being played as pawns in an ugly game of politics brought on by Career Politicians and inept leaders. The hypocrisy of this so called progressive compassion is that it has not helped racism issues in America or helped better society. To the contrary, it has divided a great nation for the agenda of a sick few in Washington that are not behind the interests of all, but behind, the interests of a select few. And if this Administration doesn’t believe that destructing hardworking Americans property, disturbing the peace, desecrating religious historic monuments, defacing works of art, inciting violence against groups, and groups screaming “death to cops” is not terrorism, then the majority of America has a great disagreement with you. Playing politics by using citizens as pawns to further an agenda is a National disgrace.



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