As President Obama receives further news that the labor market is worsening he is still not willing to talk about the key issue that 94 million Americans are out of the workforce and the real fiction peddled to the people is his own. With billions in government spending unaccounted for since taking office many are scratching their heads thinking, why are we putting up with this ?

Once again Obama continues polarizing Americans by blaming everything that isn’t working for Democrats on someone else like a school bully. It amazes all Americans that this President can step up on a stage and continue to push divisive rhetoric and try to place blame when under his administration there was 500 million dollars spent on training 5 Iraqi fighters, 72 million dollars spent on Obama’s lavish vacations, 150 billion dollars given to the largest sponsor of terrorism, and is currently in denial about America’s almost 20 trillion dollar spending and debt problem. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Obama states for the media that he’s proposed “balanced” solutions but has never included a budget that actually balances, ever. At the current run rate the National Debt will approach 26 trillion by 2025. Such high rising debt will have negative consequences for our nation. President Obama agrees with these negative consequences making his refusal to tighten spending irresponsible. Polarizing Americans and dividing its citizens has been Obama’s MO from the get go and many Americans cannot wait to see him out of office. Always a Politician,  never a Presidential.


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