Not only does “Crooked” Hillary Clinton want to almost triple the size of government with Socialist policies and entitlement programs for illegal immigrants and the poor that tax payers will have the burden to pay, she is on the campaign trail with a message that is so hypocritical its makes America want to vomit.

Her trash talking about Republicans has now reached unprecedented levels of hypocrisy and makes her one of the most vote pandering flip-flopping presidential candidates in U.S. history. Mudslinging and polarization tactics have entrenched her campaign and as possibly the next Divider in Chief it is only the tip of the iceberg. Hillary and her Clinton Foundation are being investigated with some of the chief donations coming from countries that suppress and mutilate women, kill gay and transgender people, and openly aid terrorist organizations. This coupled her husband’s list of sexual assault accusers and public humilliation labels her not a champion for women or minorities as she espouses but as an establishment career politician that is really only looking to save her paycheck and the paychecks and benefits of her politician friends.

It is my opinion since we still have a First Amendment that anyone being personally investigated by law enforcement and the FBI, criminally, should be disqualified to run for the highest office in the country. The fact that Hillary Clinton is still in the race only exemplifies the fact that many politicians and government entities are crooks, liars, and thieves themselves and the most likely outcome for Americans is the uncovering of billions and billions in government fraud.


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