As Presidential candidates such as Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders fill everyone’s ears with half truths and false statistics Americans across the nation are realizing the unbelievable fraud career politicians have perpetrated upon them for decades and they are angry. With Socialism failing all over Germany, Switzerland, Norway, France, and in other countries, it’s  irresponsible for these politicians to pander expanded social benefits and promote race baiting tactics to attract voters. The true Socialists running for the Democrats are campaigning for greater social justice in America while at the same time insulting everyone’s intelligence by using terms such as racism and bigotry which only punctuates the double standard and hypocrisy of the true State of the Union.  Sanders and Clinton talk a great talk but their agenda to triple the size of government, promote irresponsible spending, and continue with their negative rhetoric and fabrication of racial issues only divides this country further and is exposing their bogus agenda. The desperation of the Democrats to win office next term by any means necessary including risking Americans safety is making many citizens of America suspicious as to what is really going on in Washington ? Is there hundreds of billions of dollars in government fraud occurring benefitting the politicians ? Is there rampant fraud, waste and abuse ? Did this President really just spend 70 million dollars over the last seven years on vacations ? Did America really just give 150 billion dollars to one of the largest sponsors of terrorism ? The answer is YES and America is sick and tired of  the car salesman mentality of these career politicians and are ready for real leadership. Tripling the size of government and Socialism not being the solution they want.

Americans do not value politicians and salesman like Barack Obama that support and endorse groups or countries that chant “Death to Americans”, or “Death to Cops” and their voices are getting louder and stronger by the day. This victim society  is now catching scathing ridicule as these  “paid for” demonstrations perpetuated by the left across the nation are now looked upon as a joke and a fraud turning away voters by the millions.

Meanwhile, there’s Socialist Bernie Sanders with his Occupy Wall Street team with campaign promises of wage increases, higher SS checks, free college, free healthcare & paid vacation leave irresponsibly to get votes while America is almost 20 trillion in debt. The hey, “look at how terrible everything is” and “free everything” narrative proclaimed by Sanders and his unlearned followers is a political agenda that subscribes to false promises and spending programs that would result in disaster for Americans. Sanders campaign hype and agenda find its roots in a Utopian Socialist Society first penned by Karl Marx in the late 1800’s which eventually led to the Communist movement despite what followers on the campaign trail might say.  As Winston Churchill put it, “Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.” Bernie Sanders is riding that wave of ignorance as many uninformed voters are now making his ideas the latest “in thing,” not even realizing that Socialism, coupled with Bernie’s trillions in spending on social programs, could surely send the United States into depression and bankruptcy.

The farce surrounding Bernie Sanders and the so called “Progressive” agenda is that, contrary to the narrative, Socialism at its very core perpetuates worse conditions for the poor and marginalized while further increasing the size of government. Sanders form of “Democratic Socialism” is absolutely no different despite his campaign efforts to denounce it as such. Campaign promises of higher wages, free college, free healthcare, and paid vacations to gain favor with voters is the equivalent of offering a free beer and a mutton-chop for a vote in the late 1700’s. These types of policies and programs would come at the expense of all American taxpayers and lead to probable monetary debasement as seen is the socialist society of present day Greece.

This type of political rhetoric and campaigning should also bring up the issue of the responsibility of Presidential candidates in the election process, and most importantly, the authenticity of career politicians. Socialist politicians are renowned for being the most negative people, finger pointing to anything they believe voters will perceive as unjust to try to gain political favor, and Sanders is no exception.

Not only are these types of campaign promises and slogans irresponsible, they are being whored out as a Progressive political sweetener to induce uninformed voters in a nation with 95 million people out of the workforce and a national debt approaching 20 trillion dollars. Sanders M.O. is to try to pass legislation based on the most newsworthy headlines in order to secure votes most recently advocating that the Federal Government bailout the entire country of Greece while the United States is currently drowning in debt. To further insult Americans intelligence, Sanders recently stated that America was founded on racist principles to help promote his new racial inequality legislation. As Bernie Sanders and his Occupy Wall Street team continue recruiting uniformed voters using the next topic of headline news as their bait followers are being duped with campaign promises and rhetoric which is further igniting division in America. The type of government Sanders and Progressives subscribe to would require more politicians, unprecedented government spending, mandatory social programs, and of course higher taxes for everyone, not just the billionaires. With billions and billions in fraud occurring by people who do not even pay into the system and a goverment in denial with over 200 trillion in unfunded liabilities it’s hard to imagine increasing the size of government with entitlements and freebies.

This Socialist movement claims it wants social justice but it is promoting a mutual feeling of being screwed by the system pointing and shouting to everything it can to be heard using racial guilt and bigotry as its cowardly trump card. And now joining the ranks and eating “the political butthole” is funnyman Will Ferrell and a gang of actors and musicians that probably, just as the DNC chairwoman, do not even know what Socialism is.  Liberal entertainers ganging up and screaming, “We want social justice and Bernie’s our man,” not even realizing that the size of the U.S. government would likely triple under this type of Socialistic agenda, and that control of institutions Americans hold dear like, public colleges and Universities, would be under the thumb of the U.S. Government. Instead of being thankful for the opportunity America provides to them, many Bernie followers are unknowingly opting for Socialism, a smaller paycheck, and an even bigger Big Brother in Washington. Farrell and the boys owe a great debt to capitalism, which ironically, financed their rise to popularity and riches through the Wall Street corporate media giants and billionaires they now claim to protest. Further, to add insult to injury, Quentin Tarantino recently attends an anti-police rally and describes the men and women who protect and serve America as murderers coincidently right before the release of new film that is being boycotted all over the Nation and failed miserably.


Progressive rhetoric is also inherently breeding a cultural division in society, promoting class lines, and specifically pointing at inaccurate division issues and stating the United States Constitution was formed on racist principles to further their agenda. Take Bernie’s new found support from the Black Lives Matter Movement the protestors that spread a very confused and offensive agenda across the United States by screaming “death to cops”, and “fry em like bacon” during their rally’s. Americans have images engrained in their brains of the Occupy Wall Street protestors destructing property and the hateful words spread by some in the Black Lives Matter Movement. These protests disrupted many American lives, destroyed property, and incited and caused violent attacks in many cities. Bernie’s agenda is dividing this nation further by engaging radical activist groups and stating America was founded on racist principles. In Sanders own words, “I would also say that as a nation, the truth is, that a nation which in many ways was created, and I’m sorry to have to say this, from way back on racist principles…”he stands as a divider. It’s this type of vote pandering that sets Sanders apart as one of the most shameless Presidential Candidates in American history. History that has also proved that oftentimes the people screaming “racism” are the racists themselves.

Black Lives Matter protestors roasting a pig with a police hat on it, chanting hate sayings like, “Pigs in a Blanket, Fry `em Like Bacon” and “Death to Cops” inciting further violence against police officers. Above, similar images remain in the fabric of American Life including looting, destruction of property, and violence produced by Occupy Wall Street protestors.

One need not look far for failed socialist ideologies and states with examples such as the Socialist People’s Republic of China, the Union of Socialist Soviet Republics, Venezuela, and of course Greece. Many people in these economy’s and cultures of the world live in unbelievably depressed conditions with their hands tied to government programs. Bernie’s idea of being like Nordic countries overseas takes his rhetoric to a whole new level of absurdity as many citizens in those countries are crippling in debt due to taxes and other failed social programs as well.

Many of these Progressive and Socialist movements claim they want equality and further entitlement programs through peaceful demonstrations but oftentimes they turn to violence and destruction. Protests that further undermine the very fabric of our law enforcement that do their best to protect and serve America. Currently, Mr. Sanders, his Black Lives Matter supporters, and Occupy Wall Street team are campaigning throughout the country spreading a false narrative of hope to the poor and underprivileged with undeliverable campaign promises. Simple economics proves that countries cannot spend their way into prosperity, and given the current Federal Reserve conundrum, these Socialistic ideas and multi-trillion dollar spending proposals suggested are, realistically, nothing more than empty promises. Yet, Bernard Sanders continues the rhetoric knowing full well it’s not about breaking up the banks, getting the billionaires, or higher wages; it’s really about exposing greedy career politicians and the government.

These movements have a very confused agenda, and are still clamoring at the wrong door for further entitlement and equality which can almost entirely be blamed on disingenuous politicians and city officials. The Occupy people simply have to ask themselves, “Who bailed out Wall Street? “ And the Black Lives Matter people need to realize that statistically, every four hours a black person kills another black person and start protesting against the Mayors and city officials instead of, destructing property, inciting violence, and insulting hard working Americans. If these movements ever want to be taken seriously they need to refocus their energy to solve the cause of the problem, and only then will they realize who is truly pulling the strings. However now the Democrat Party has endorsed the hate spread to our men in blue from radical groups as part of their agenda. And many of these hateful protests are paid for by communist leaning groups that an promote anti-American agenda.

Beside the fact that Bernie Sanders and Progressive’s spending policy’s and tax ideas the majority of Americans would never accept as they make no “common sense.” This type of ideology and rhetoric Sanders espouses to the young and oftentimes naïve voter greatly reduces  incentive to work, instills a lack of motivation, and finally would further expand the role government plays in our lives. Moreover, with a large majority of people on welfare, food stamps, social security, and other entitlements already, it is a disingenuous narrative and politically irresponsible to offer voters the false hope of possible future compensation and entitlement in the form of wage increases, paid vacations, free college and larger Social Security checks. Campaign promises like this oftentimes perpetuate a culture of division in our country that seeks further entitlement and less hard work. Breeding a generation of people that feel they are being screwed by the system and expect compensation while disrespecting authority and undermining the freedom and opportunity America provides.

In conclusion, you can sum up the Bernie Sanders campaign by simply looking at his website. Bernie maintains a link to a paper Robin Hood hat that followers can print up to take to rallies. However, unfortunately for Sanders and his brilliant marketing strategists, Robin Hood was a thief and a liar commonly running from the law and lying to his own merry men. This is the United States of America! Not the Socialist Utopia of career politician Bernard Sanders with his Occupy Wall Street team and Black Lives Matter followers determined to divide our Country and triple the size of government. America was founded, not on the principles of racism as Bernie Sanders advocates, but on harvesting the spirit and dreams of free enterprise and being thankful for the opportunity to live the life they choose in the pursuit of happiness.

“Take your Divided States of America Narrative and American flag burning somewhere else”


America has no room for Communism and perpetual Hypocrisy

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